Hi! Welcome to Ukraine Dating Review!

My name is Andrew, and I am a 30-something man from Florida, on the hunt for Ukraine love.

Well, I was…..

I spent most of my twenties bar-hopping and bed-crawling, looking for the girl that would end up being the perfect mixture of personality traits to keep me interested, and to keep me wanting more.

I never found that girl in the States, and once I hit my thirties, I realized I would need to take matters into my own hands.

I was looking for someone that was family-orientated, someone that would be happy to provide future heirs to my name, someone that would be happy to take care of our beautiful little family and our perfect little home. I wanted someone that looked good; that pleased me aesthetically. I wanted someone that kept themselves in shape in the same way that I liked to, and enjoyed traveling too. I wanted someone intelligent – someone that I could learn from, and someone that would be willing to learn from me.

When I reached my thirties, I saw an article online for Ukraine dating. The idea struck me as perfect right from the start, with many of the Ukraine women having the same traits I happened to be looking for, and it was within a week that I had signed myself up to my first Ukraine dating website, and started looking for that one I would call my ‘true love’.

Sadly, the first website I signed up to wasn’t a great one, and I splashed out a load of cash on a ‘poor’ Ukrainian girl called Anelya, who fed me sob-story after sob-story of how she had been off work to care for her sick mother and couldn’t afford to pay her rent. I treated her often with perfume and jewelry, flowers, chocolates, the works. I also sent her money for tickets, a passport, to buy suitcases…

Every attempt I made to meet up with my beautiful Ukrainian bride-to-be I was sure was the right girl for me, was ruined by something. After one year of ‘dating’ this Ukraine girl, I asked her why we would never meet up, and why I never saw her with the jewelry and clothing that I had sent her, and I never heard from her again.

I quickly realized the importance of protecting yourself from a Ukraine dating scam.

After signing up to a few websites that ended up being a total waste of my time and money, I decided to start this Ukraine dating review site. I wanted to share the truth about these websites that are designed to find you long-distance love. I have had great success with some sites and in fact, I met my now-wife Anka on UkraineDatingAgency.com. However, there were a few sites (as you’ll read) that simply didn’t keep up with my high expectations, and in the world of love, you shouldn’t find the need to lower your standards and be happy with something you’re not satisfied with.

So, read some of my stories and learn from my experiences in my Ukraine dating site reviews. Feel free to share your stories right back!